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The Mission of Church History Tours

Author Douglas Bond and his wife Cheryl guide folks on Church history tours to connect this generation with the people of God who contended for the gospel in previous generations.

"...the saints in the land, they are the excellent ones, in whom is all my delight." Psalm 16:3

Our goal on every tour is that Christians today, as they encounter followers of Jesus Christ from the past, will be equipped and inspired to hazard all for the good news of salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.

If this sounds good to you...register today for the ARMISTICE 100 TOUR, 2018 or the ROME to GENEVA CHURCH HISTORY TOUR 2018 for Classical learning student and family tour

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We invite you to explore Church History where it happened!

Since 1996, author Douglas Bond has guided 100s of students and families on never-to-be-forgotten adventures exploring Church history in Europe. Recent tour participants said this about their experience:

"...through the Bond tours we have made friends for eternity!" (group comment by New Englanders and Canadians who met on the Ref Tour '13)

"History is easier to remember the Bond way!" KNOX 500 traveler, 2014; more highlights from KNOX 500 Tour

"The tour way exceeded my expectations--and I expected it to be great!" (UK/France 2014, follow blog images of the tour and see the Queen!)

"So thankful for the life-changing experience in Europe on the Reformation 2013 tour! It was wonderful--we were reminded so often of God's free grace this summer." (See blog images of the REFORMATION TOUR 2013)

"You were the most apt, able and wonderful tour guide that has walked the earth! Such enthusiasm and knowledge! The folks who go on your tours get an unforgettable education! Thanks for all of the blessings!" (Hymn Tour, England & Wales, 2012)

"The tour far and away exceeded all our expectations," (Calvin 500, 2009 Tour).

 "Words really fail me here - if only I had Mr. Bond's talents!  I am so incredibly blessed. Your enthusiasm for history and literature are contagious." (UK and France Tour, 2010). 

"It was such an incredible gift and challenge to me to see how Christ-centered you are..."

"The tour really was way more than we ever expected or imagined..."

"When is the next tour? We're on it!" (Crown & Covenant Trilogy Tour, Scotland, 2011)

A previous traveler (2-time) put together this awesome fun video: "What to expect on a Bond Tour."rkotB8LqCY4

EXCITING TOURS (subscribe and watch for more tours to come)

2018--Armistice/Church History Tour: Paris, exploring WW I sites in the Western Front, Arras, Wellington Quarry, Musee de Somme, Thiepval, Amiens, where CS Lewis was wounded (setting of War in the Wasteland, my historical novel on teen atheist 2/Lt CS Lewis in WW I); andd WW II sites in Normandy: Omaha Beach, Saint-Mere Eglise, Dunkirk, many others. We will also explore Church history sites throughout the regions, including Amiens cathedral, Chartres, Abbey des Hommes in Caen, Noyon, Rouen, and many others. The tour will be in June when the poppies are in bloom and the weather is mild.

2018--ROME to GENEVA CHURCH HISTORY TOUR (May, 2018 for classical learners and families. Contact us today at or call 253.381.1961)

2017--OXFORD CREATIVE WRITING MASTER CLASS Summer June 29-July 5 master writing class and literary tour of Middle England: Contact us today at or call 253.381.1961)

2017--LUTHER 500 Reformation Tour June 15-25 (Contact us today at or call 253.381.1961)

2017--OXFORD CREATIVE WRITING MASTER CLASS Spring master writing class and literary tour of Middle England: Contact us today at or call 253.381.1961


2016--OXFORD CREATIVE WRITING MASTER CLASS (April and July literary tours of Middle England)

2015--ROME to GENEVA TOUR (Early Church, Renaissance, Reformation tour)! A marvelous time had by all!.

2014--John Knox at 500 Tour TOUR IS FULL June 24-July 4. ACCEPTING REGISTRATIONS! Space is limited... 

2014-- UK/Normandy Student Tour, March 24-April 8 (Closed tour)

2013 -- The REFORMATION FOR ALL TIME TOUR: France, Switzerland, Germany, June 21-July 1, 2013. IS FULLY BOOKED, NO OPENINGS. A wonderful success, thanks be to God!

2012--UK Normandy History Tour, a wonderful success! SDG

2012 -- HYMNS FOR ALL TIME TOUR: England and Wales, thanks be to God, was a wonderful success!

2011--Crown & Covenant Trilogy Tour, Scotland and England,  thanks be to God, was a wonderful success!

2010--UK/Normandy Tour, Student Tour, April

2009--John Calvin at 500 Tour, France, Germany, Switzerland

1996-2009, biennial tours 

NEVER A DULL MOMENT! 2010 UK tour featured on CBS London


Classical learners and families: Don't miss out on the Rome to Geneva Tour, 2018! ACCEPTING REGISTRATIONS! Space is limited; contact us today at or call 253-381-1961

Douglas Bond--profile

Douglas Bond is author of twenty-five books of historical fiction, biography, devotion, and practical theology, including two adult novels translated and published by Dutch publishing houses. He has been married to his delightfully patient and supportive wife Cheryl since 1983; they have been blessed with six children and two grandchildren (pictured teaching a larger master class at Christ Church College meadow, Oxford. One of the unique characteristics of the OCWMC is its advantageous student/tutor ratio of 8:1).

Bond has earned a Masters in Teaching (MIT) from St Martin's University, and a Preliminary Certificate in Theology from Moore Theological College, NSW Australia. He is adjunct Instructor in Church History at Western Reformed Seminary (WRS) where his Church history tours can be taken for graduate elective credit. A teacher of English and history for many years, Bond was awarded by the Pierce County Library Foundation and Arts Commission the "2005 Teacher Award"  for his teaching of writing; his student writers have consistently dominated local and regional double-blind-judged writing contests, including a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place sweep of the three-state and British Columbia Optimist 2015 high school essay writing contest. Bond is an adjunct instructor of English Literature and writing at Northwest Nazarene University, and frequently speaks on writing at conferences. Bond has ministered in Peru, at Lavengamalie College in the Kingdom of Tonga, and with Equipping Leaders International (ELI) in Uganda (2007).

He is on the advisory board of Glorious Films (Montreal) with Derek Thomas, Michael Haykin, and others (2014). As a hymn writer and author of several books on hymn writers and hymnody, Bond was asked to be a consultant for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's (CBC) special feature series on Christian hymns God's Greatest Hits (2012). His NEW REFORMATION HYMNS album with Greg Wilbur, Steve Green, and Nathan Clarke George releases in 2015; a growing number of his hymns are being sung in churches and at conferences.

Bond is a ruling elder in the PCA, has served on a Presbytery committee, and in 2015 was elected to the permanent General Assembly national committee for Reformed University Ministries, which oversees the campus ministry Reformed University Fellowship (RUF).

As an outgrowth of his books and teaching, Bond has led church history tours in Europe since 1996 (, and has also been consulted on a history documentary film on the Reformation. Meridian Filmworks is in negotiation with Bond’s publisher to create a major motion picture of his Scottish Covenanter Golden Medallion nominee novel Duncan’s War.

Frequently interviewed on Christian radio stations, Bond was featured in French newspaper Le Midi Libre (1/18/2015) on his book HAMMER OF THE HUGUENOTS, researched and written on-location in France. Additionally, Bond's articles on church history and theology have appeared in Modern Reformation, Table Talk, byFaith (author interview), Western Reformed Seminary Journal, Light and Life magazines, and in the Aquila Report. In addition to leading church history tours, Bond often lectures at conferences on literature and church history, including being scheduled for a third bonus speaking session at the Ligonier West Coast Conference in 2016.

"Douglas Bond understands the human condition, always finds the joy in teaching, and imparts the most profound wisdom to his students." David V. Kimball


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John Knox at 500 Tour 2014 a wonderful success; contact us today about other tours at or call 253-381-1961