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"Douglas Bond serves the church universal with these tours--and the fellowship is amazing!" (traveler on Rome to Geneva Tour 2015)

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"The tour way exceeded my expectations--and I expected it to be great!" (Reformation Tour, 2014)

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"We so much appreciated Douglas as a tour guide, how he consistently and winsomely pointed us to Christ every day." Knox 500 traveler

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"This tour opened up my eyes so much. I get it! I see it! I want to know more." (traveler on Knox 500, 2014) See highlights at my blog

Fine art we will see on the ROME TO GENEVA CHURCH HISTORY TOUR

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"What to expect from a Bond Tour," video produced by a 2-time Bond tour traveler (unsolicited)

Tour Trailer by William Moore (2-time Bond Tour traveler)

Big thanks to William Moore for this promotional video for the ROME TO GENEVA CHURCH HISTORY TOUR (with adjustments for 2018 tour), based on images created on Rome to Geneva Church History Tour 2015.

ITINERARY: ROME TO GENEVA TOUR-(dates for 2018 forthcoming)

We are excited to announce the Rome to Geneva Reformation Tour for 2018! This tour is custom designed for the homeschool family; okay, the accommodations won't be quite as fancy and we may eat on the run a bit more than our other tours, but the price is paired down to make this an affordable tour for as many families as possible.

Together we will discover the splendors of some of the most fascinating cities in Europe. But this tour is not simply about a geographical starting point and ending point, Rome to Geneva. It is rather a tour that retraces the theological move from the error of the medieval church in Rome to the recovery of the Reformation gospel of free grace in Christ alone centered in Calvin's Geneva. It is really a tour from works to grace, from law to gospel, from my performance to Jesus' perfect righteousness in my place. Themes explored in my new non-fiction book GRACE WORKS (And Ways We Think It Doesn't), especially the many ways we can launch ourselves on a trajectory back to Rome, will be included in some of my chats on the journey we take together from Rome to Geneva.

The 2015 tour was such a wonderfully rich and blessed tour, we have decided to offer the ROME TO GENEVA REFORMATION TOUR again for 2016 (exact dates pending). We anticipate this being a tour that will fill up very fast so plan to register early if you would like to join us exploring fascinating sites from Early Church history, the Renaissance, and Reformation. We will be especially seeing places where Girolamo Savonarola lived and challenged the corrupt RCC of his day (my biography with EP on Savonarola would be a good read to prepare for this tour). "We appreciate that the tours are accessible and affordable for families." Canadian family on Rome to Geneva Tour, 2015 (with children ages 6-18)  

DAY 1 Rome: Mamertine Prison (where Peter and Paul may have been held before execution), Santa Maria in Aracoeli, Portico d'Otavia and the Jewish quarter, St. Peter in Chains (San Pietro in Vincoli), 

DAY 2 Rome: St. Peter's Basilica, Coliseum, Santa Maria di Poppilo (where Luther stayed for a month in 1510), Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri (Michelangelo's Roman baths turned 16th century church), Santa Giovanni Laterna, Scala Santa (Luther prayed on his knees on each step); Palatine Hill, Roman Forum, other sites during free time: Sistine Chapel, Vatican Museum, Flower market... (Rome is vast and full of delicious flavors, so plan to gain a few pounds!) Catacombs of San Callisto and Saint Sebastian, Villa Appia Antica,

DAY 3 Florence: Duomo, Piazza della Signoria, Palazzo Vecchio (Savonarola's Prison Meditations written here), Ponte Vecchio. On free time: Galleria dell' Acadamia (where Michelangelo's David is), shopping and eating...

June 23, Tuesday: DAY 4 Florence: Convent of San Marco (Savonarola lived here), Santa Croce (Michelangelo, Dante, etc., buried here), (on free time): The Baptistery,

Campanile Bell Tower, Galleria degli Uffizi, shopping and eating...

DAY 5 Ferrara: Este Castle (Renee of Ferrara hosted John Calvin here; first Italian translation of the Bible commissioned here...), Santa Maria di Pomposa (7th century Benedictine Abbey), 

DAY 6, coach to Milan: Basilica d'Ambrosia, Ambrose and Augustine sites, Cathedral and climbing to the terraces, free-time shopping in the fashion capital of Europe, exploring, eating... Hotel near Milan

DAY 7: leave our hotel in Milan and drive to Menton for lunch and a splash in the Mediterranean Sea, "the Pearl of France"; follow the breath-takingly scenic Mediterranean coast road to Aix-en-Provence (total drive time 5:00); this is our longest driving day of the tour, but it could not be along a more spectacular stretch of scenery. Arrive in afternoon in Aix, check into hotel in the centre ville and begin exploring, dinner nearby our hotel. Our daughter studied in Aix for a year in '07-'08. Aix is home to Faculté Jean Calvin, a confessional Reformed seminary whose mission is the training of men in gospel ministry and church planting in France today. Participants in the tour can have coffee at Les Deux Garcons where painter Paul Cézanne' had his daily cafe au lait; explore the provincial market Le Grand Marché--Aix is known for its markets and fountains, every gargoyle-ish shape imaginable, oft-painted Mont Sainte-Victoire rising over all. We will visit the splendid Cathedrale St. Sauveur, with architecture ranging from Romanesque, Gothic, to neoclassical. Morning drive to Avignon (2:36)

DAY 8 Avignon, France: Papal Palace, street performers, shopping, wine country. Chateauneuf des Papes (castle ruins and rich wine country). Orange: Cathedral built in 1204 (Huguenot Temple before the people of God were slaughtered here); ancient Roman theater, Roman arch of triumph (one of the best preserved in the world, built 20 years before the birth of Christ); Hotel and dinner in Orange

DAY 9 Orange to Lyon (2:10), charming Medieval riverside hotel;  Irenaeus founded church in Lyon (2nd century disciple of Polycarp, disciple of Apostle John), Cathedral, Pierre Viret preached the gospel here and the Lord brought about a great revival. Calvin wrote a letter to five Huguenot pastors, his students, who were soon to be burned at the stake here for preaching the gospel of grace alone in Christ alone.

DAY 10 Lyon to Geneva (1:35): Calvin and the center of Reformation Christianity in the 16th century, Saint Pierre where Calvin preached, the Auditoire, Reformation Wall, the Academy, the Reformation Museum.

DAY 11 Breakfast, final farewells, shuttle to Geneva airport, journey home with much to think about and lifelong memories to cherish (okay, and a few pounds to work off when we get home; someone on the Knox 500 tour suggested it should be called the Bond food tour of Scotland with highlights from Knox)

" of the greatest gifts I have ever been given. Thank you! God used the time in France to remind me of his love."


ROME to GENEVA TOUR 2018 travel contract




Travel Contract

General. Upon full payment of the tour price by the participant, Bedford House Books agrees to secure the services specified for the ROME TO GENEVA HISTORY TOUR 2018 at, subject to the terms, conditions, and limitations contained in this contract. The participant agrees that if there are any corrections or changes, the corrected information will prevail.

Included. 10 nights hotel accommodation; breakfasts, dinner or lunch (18 meals); all tour-related site entry fees; all ground transportation; guided commentary throughout. The tour price is for double occupancy of hotel rooms; if you are joining the tour as a single we will be assigning another single traveler of the same gender to room with you. If you prefer a single occupancy room please contact us for the price.

Not Included. Airfare, fees and charges for passports, visas, inoculations, laundry, beverages (except coffee, tea or milk with breakfast or when expressly specified), travel insurance, optional excursions, taxi fares, postage, phone calls, any items of a personal nature, or any other items or services the inclusion of which has not been expressly specified. Also not included are any airline, airport and government taxes, fees and charges associated with (or 'in connection with') air transportation.

Bedford House Books. Bedford House Books is a Washington State business. The author/director has been leading study excursions since 1996. Bedford House Books has developed relationships with coach companies, hotel operators, site managers, and restaurants. Bedford House Books is able to secure the services of these independent entities at more favorable rates than are available to the general public. Therefore, Bedford House Books is able to offer its participants a quality excursion at an affordable price. Bedford House Books is the excursion coordinator. Bedford House Books does not own, operate, or employ any of the hotels, tour buses, or tour operators utilized as part of this author-led book excursion.

Itinerary Deviations. Due to special circumstances, including but not limited to holidays, special events, seasonal schedule changes, weather, traffic delays and itinerary adjustments, some sights and stores may have limited hours or may not be available. Under such circumstances or in the interest of enhancing the tour experience, Bedford House Books and the tour manager reserve the right to make changes in the itinerary or sights, at their sole discretion.

Reservations. Bedford House Books requires this signed Study Abroad Travel Contract and deposit for each participant within one week from the date you make your reservation. A signed contract means that the participant has reviewed this Study Abroad Contract and agrees to abide by its terms and conditions. Mail your signed Study Abroad Contract and a non-refundable deposit of $200 per person (adult or child) to the address appearing on this tour contract.

Insurance. Bedford House Books does not carry any health or liability insurance on participants in the study trip. Therefore, it is the participants’ responsibility to confirm that your health insurance covers you when traveling outside the United States, and if not, you will be responsible to purchase accident, sickness, or death coverage to cover you while traveling on this study excursion. Bedford House Books assumes no liability for injury, illness, or death to participants traveling on this study excursion. Ask your airlines for travel insurance options. Travel insurance is not offered by Bedford House Books.

Final Payment. Final payments must be received by the author/director at least 50 days prior to departure. Please Note:


1. Bedford House Books will not reserve a place for any participant for whom it has not received a signed Study Abroad Contract and a final payment in full.


2. Bedford House Books requires 16 days to clear a regular check. To expedite final payment and release documents, Bedford House Books recommends the use of cashier's checks.


3. Bedford House Books reserves the right to cancel a reservation for which it has not received final payment by the due date, or for which it receives a check that is returned to Bedford House Books due to insufficient funds. Cancellation penalties will apply.


Price Changes. Prices are based on tariffs, taxes and rates of exchange as they were known to Bedford House Books on the date of booking, and are subject to change without prior notice. However, if the price increases by more than 6%, the participant(s) may, within seven (7) days from the date of notification of such increase, cancel with full refund.

Price Guarantee for 2018 departures. Bedford House Books will guarantee the land only study excursion price for 2018 departures after Bedford House Books receives a deposit. Subsequently, if clients need to cancel or make a change, they will be responsible for the cancellation penalties stated under 'Cancellations'.

Cancellations. Bedford House Books must receive a written notification of cancellation by mail with the necessary medical statement from your doctor. $200 Deposit is non-refundable.


Refunds. 50% refund only in the event of health crisis and only up to twelve weeks prior to departure date. Since we prepay hotels, meals, transportation and many entry fees in advance, we can offer no refund within the twelve weeks before departure date. Your travel contract is transferable, however, and we recommend, in the event of cancellation, that you transfer your place to a relative or friend. Please notify us when you need to make such a transfer.


Medical Statement Requirements. To be eligible for the refund provision outlined above, it is your responsibility that Bedford House Books receives a valid medical statement within 12 weeks of the date you were scheduled to leave. If, for any reason, Bedford House Books does not receive your Medical Statement within 12 weeks of the date you were scheduled to leave, your cancellation will be processed in accordance with the above 'Cancellations' policy. A valid medical statement must meet all of the following criteria:


1. Typed or legibly written on the letterhead (including the address and phone number) of an attending licensed physician (M.D.).


2. Signed by the physician.


3. State specific dates the passenger is unable to travel. These dates must include the entire duration of the scheduled tour.


4. State a specific medical reason why the passenger was unable to travel, due to the illness of the participant or participant's travel companion; or death of the participant or participant's travel companion, or a member of participant's immediate family, namely, spouse, child, brother, sister, parent, in-law, grandparent, or grandchild.


Note: Since Bedford House Books carries no sickness, accident, or death insurance for participants, all participants agree to assuming full responsibility for any and all costs associated with illness or death; we advise purchasing travel insurance through your own insurance provider.


Cancellation by Bedford House Books. Bedford House Books reserves the right to cancel the study excursion at any time for any reason, and its liability shall be limited to a refund in full of only those moneys it has received from or on behalf of the participant. If the participant has purchased an air ticket, it is his/her own responsibility to become familiar with the penalties and restrictions of the air ticket and, in the event of a cancellation or date change by Bedford House Books, Bedford House Books shall not be held liable for any penalties incurred from the cancellation or change of the air ticket.


Responsibility of Bedford House Books. Bedford House Books shall be responsible for supplying the services and accommodations offered on this study excursion /( as they relate to the land portion of the tour. If such services and accommodations cannot be supplied due to causes beyond its control, there shall be no responsibility or liability. In this event Bedford House Books will use its best efforts to supply comparable services and accommodations, and all travel arrangements may be subject to alteration or cancellation at any time with or without prior notice for any reasonable cause. Such alterations will not be considered cause for cancellation by the participant(s), and the usual penalties will apply. Nor shall Bedford House Books be liable for any injury, loss, damage, accident, delay, irregularity, or expense arising from strikes, war, terrorism, weather or other acts of God, quarantines, sickness, governmental restrictions or regulations, or from any negligent act or omission of any individual, firm, or corporation furnishing air travel, sightseeing, hotel accommodations, ground transportation, or any other services in connection therewith, nor for any additional cost or expense due to disruption of advertised schedules, rates or services, or for any other cause beyond its direct control. Bedford House Books reserves the right to decline, to accept, or retain any person as a member of the study excursion at any time prior to departure, or in the course of travel, should such participant's health, mental condition, physical infirmity, or general deportment impede, in Bedford House Books' judgment, the operation of the study excursion or the rights, welfare, or enjoyment of other participants, and all resulting costs will be the responsibility of the participant. The acceptance by the participant of any travel plan or other service shall be deemed to constitute acceptance of these limitations of liability or responsibility. No representative, employee, or agent of Bedford House Books or contracted service providers are authorized to modify, waive, or in any way change the terms of this contract.


Breach. Bedford House Books and participant recognize and agree that a breach of this agreement or claim for damages by the other party arising from the services provided by Bedford House Books or during any aspect of a study excursion coordinated by Bedford House Books will be governed by the laws of the State of Washington. The parties consent to the jurisdiction of the Courts of the State of Washington, Pierce County, in any such enforcement action and agree that Pierce County Circuit Courts is the exclusive venue for any action arising out of services provided as a consequence of this agreement.


Entire Agreement. Other than as stated herein, the participant warrants that no promises or inducements have been offered for this agreement other than as set forth herein and that this agreement is executed without reliance upon any other promises or representations.


I agree to all the provisions (including, but not limited to, my acceptance of sole responsibility for all medical or death related expenses) of this author-led study excursion contract (PLEASE GIVE THE AGE OF YOURSELF AND ALL PARTICIPANTS at time of tour):

signed______________________________________AGE_____ date__________

Name printed________________________________________

signed______________________________________AGE_____ date__________

Name printed________________________________________


Families with minor children, list names and ages and initial each family member participant.

signed______________________________________AGE_____ date__________

Name printed________________________________________

signed______________________________________AGE_____ date__________

Name printed________________________________________

signed______________________________________AGE_____ date__________

Name printed________________________________________

signed______________________________________AGE_____ date__________

Name printed________________________________________

signed______________________________________AGE_____ date__________

Name printed________________________________________

signed______________________________________AGE_____ date__________

Name printed________________________________________


Total participants in family ___________________

Deposit amount enclosed (or previously paid) ___________________


Print two copies; sign both; keep a copy for your records and mail this page only with check attached (payable to Bedford House Books):


Email for mailing address:


Note: Since Bedford House Books carries no sickness, accident, or death insurance for participants, all participants agree to assuming full responsibility for any and all costs associated with illness or death; we advise purchasing travel insurance through your own insurance provider.

REGISTER for the ROME to GENEVA TOUR, 2018 CC homeschool tour

After an absolutely fabulous time on the Rome to Geneva Tour, 2015, we have had a number of advance inquiries from previous travelers on Bond tours and from others, so we anticipate that the ROME TO GENEVA CHURCH HISTORY TOUR, 2018 will book up to its full capacity in a fairly short time. If you want to join us on this tour register today and hold your place with a $200 non-refundable deposit per traveler.


SPECIALLY DISCOUNTED FOR FAMILIES (think of it as the ultimate family, life-shaping, homeschool field trip!). Including on-location writing tutorials with your children. 

This is a student-rate tour, with accommodations in youth hostels and lower-cost hotels, and on-the-go meals. We welcome families but due to reducing the rate down to $1,850 per traveler, we are not able to offer any further discounts. As always, we make every effort to make this a high quality tour, featuring the most spectacular and important sites to see at every stop. Reserve your place on this tour by contacting me at 253-381-1961or or click on 'contact us' nav button.

  • Tour ground cost (excluding airfare): $1,850 per traveler, double occupancy.
  • Click here to open the Rome to Geneva Tour Contract (to be revised). Fill out all information and attach a non-refundable check for $200 per traveler to reserve your place(s) on the tour and mail to: Bedford House Books (email for mailing address)
  • Payment schedule (spread over three installments):

               Deposit per traveler upon registration $200

               July 1 2017: $800

               November 1: $850

           To register: Print out and sign the travel contract below. Return it with your $200 deposit:

Bond books to read to get the most from the tour experience

Mr Pipes, THE ACCIDENTAL VOYAGE (begins in Rome and explores the hymn writers of the early church)

THE BETRAYAL, a novel on John Calvin (we will visit Ferrara as Calvin did and of course, Geneva) 

GIROLAMO SAVONAROLA (We visit his birthplace and Florence where he preached and was martyred)

GRACE WORKS (And Ways We Think It Doesn't), my new-release (P&R 2014) that explores how easily we revert from grace to some degree of works righteousness, how we turn our back on the treasures of Geneva and return to the baubles of Rome

And new release HAMMER OF THE HUGUENOTS, written on location at some of the fascinating sites we will visit on the tour.

Fine Art we will see on the ROME to GENEVA TOUR, 2015




Lyon, Orange, Avignon, Geneva, other sites we will visit

Wine tasting excursions (optional and not covered by trip costs)

While in both Italy and France, we will coordinate some of our lunch stops in villages where there will be the option to taste some of the local wines (for those who do not drink, wine tasting is strictly optional, and no tour funds are used to pay for wine). In France we will pause in the paragon of world wine making, Chateauneuf des Papes, as well as other vineyards in the renowned Cote du Rhone.  (As indicated in the tour contract, none of the meals included in the tour price include alcohol; you are welcome to order wine with meals and cover the cost of that from your own funds). 



What Bond travelers say after the tours

"The tour far and away exceeded all our expectations." Listening Tour
"Our hearts continue to overflow with praise for lessons learned and fond memories made. Our lives are richer for the time spent together."
"Thank you so much for taking us on that life changing trip to Europe. Not only did we have the most fun we've ever had in our lives, we have been assured about our faith in ways we had been struggling over for quite some time."
 "It was a 5-star trip at a 3-star price!" Listening Tour
"The trip has been an answer to long prayers and has really changed us for life. God bless you both and give you peace."
" of the greatest gifts I have ever been given. Thank you! God used the time in France to remind me of his love."
"We had soooooo much fun! It's hard to know where to start, but I think Ryan unwittingly summed up our whole trip when he sincerely expressed with surprise in his voice, 'This is so easy!' But we are aware that our ease came out of an enormous amount of work and time on your part, taking care of and giving attention to each minor detail."
"Both Todd and I will be looking forward to any other trips in the future for more life changing experiences."
"Thank you God! To see beauty, to see life that is so different, yet so like mine did wonders for my heart. I loved every minute!" Listening Tour

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